What Does Hope Look Like Today?

What Does Hope Look Like Today?

Recently, I watched the Great Gatsby. It is one of my favorite books (still looking for a stellar copy…if you find one, let me know!), so I was very excited to see the movie. I haven’t read the book in a long time and forgot how amazing it truly is.

One thing I love: Gatsby had such great hope. He had hoped one day to be reunited with his one, true love. He gained a fortune, a mansion, a beautiful car, all with the hope that he would be able to be with Daisy. There are so many great moments of hope and love in this book! I could go on for days but this post is not a book report. This post is about hope in today’s world.

Does hope still exist for you?

As I get older and meet more people, I learn so much about today’s perceptions and work life. Is it expected that we grow up, get an education, and then go work at a job that may or may not be exciting? Are we expected to lose hope that some day we might enjoy going to work? They say a good portion of the workforce today goes to work simply for the paycheck and does not really enjoy what they do. But why? Have they lost hope in the fact that they could enjoy work? And therefore by enjoying work, never truly work a day in their life?

How can we bring back the hope that we can enjoy work? And if you are someone with the hope to someday be the CEO of a company or simply have a corner office or maybe retire at a decent age so you can enjoy your hard work, how do you keep it? If more people had these aspirations and ambitions, would the world be happier? More productive?

As you may have noticed, I ask a lot of questions. These are the things I wonder.

I would like to be as hopeful as Jay Gatsby. I want to have his ambition. His drive. His never ending view of potential happiness. I want to wake up in the morning and know that this could be the day that I finally reach that goal…or at least make a giant step to reach that goal. I want to feel satisfied at work in the sense that, I want to know I am making a difference and not just “punching in/punching out.” I want that inner happiness that hope can give you.

But, with all the stereotypes of millennials today, are we allowed to have such great hope?

They say millennials are lazy. They want things now. They are the microwave generation. They want to be the CEO after just 6 months at the entry level. To this I say: let it be…stop killing their hope. Is it crazy that an employee wants to be promoted after 6 months? Maybe. Should you promote them? Yes. If they have the skills and have proven to be qualified. If they have not, work with them and show them how to advance. Stop pushing people aside because they have high aspirations. This is what kills dreams.

To the older generations: Intimidated that 25 year old will take your job? Good. Push yourself. Don’t push them backward. When you help others advance, you advance. When you realize you are not the know-it-all, you might be amazed at the things you can learn. Those 25 year olds may give you your hope back.

To the younger generations: Intimidated to ask that 50 year old for help? Good. Push yourself. Grow and never lose hope at the fact that they might be able to help you. Be humble. In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby was made out to be a war hero, a confident and successful, self-made man. When in reality, he was no different than the rest of us. Did he flaunt his success? Perhaps. (Wouldn’t you?) But when he needed help, he was real and genuine. I am by no means telling anyone to live their life as Jay Gatsby…unless you really want to and in that case, I expect a party invitation. But what I am telling you is be open to possibilities.

kraydesign-gatsby-hopeOne of the greatest things a previous manager has told me was that they want to see me succeed. And if my success could be at our current workplace, then great. If my success was somewhere else across the country, then awesome. They knew that they made a difference by getting me where I need to be. One size/corporation does not fit all. Accept that. Be open to the possibility that, if you help this person, they may not take your job. Instead, they may actually better their career and yours.

Find hope. Find your ambitions. Help those that have those crazy goals that seem unreachable. Stop pushing them down. Stop killing their hopes and dreams. Be kind to your co-workers, employees, or managers. Bring hope back into the workplace so that more people can stop working and start enjoying what they do everyday.


Let me know your thoughts...

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