What would be your dream job?

What would be your dream job?

I have been asked this question a handful of times this past week. Not sure why…maybe its just a good conversation starter. Whatever the reason, this question has made me think.

What would be my dream job? What do I want to be when I grow up?

Answer: I have it already. And I don’t want to grow up.

I know, I know, that sounds so cheesy. But seriously, I’m already doing what I love. One of my goals in life was to be a respected designer and work with my own clients. While I know I will always have room to grow, I am already on my way to achieving this goal. Now, when I say I don’t want to grow up, please do not mistake that for immaturity. I mean it as, I don’t want to grow up and live in a world where I stop trying to figure out, ‘what I want to be when I grow up.’

Recently, Matthew McConaughey gave a speech at the Oscars explaining who he chased. His answer was him…in 10 years. He would never reach himself in 10 years because at 20 he would want to be him at 30, at 30 he would want to be him at 40, and so on.

This is exactly how I see my dream job. I might not ever truly reach anything, but I know I will always be on the right path. As of right now, I am chasing the dream to grow my own business and work for myself. I know that is a few years away, but my dream job is working towards that goal. I also want to be an Art Director and manage a team of amazing designers. Again, I know I have a lot to learn before I reach that point, but my dream job is chasing the work I need to do to get there.

So, now when someone asks me what my dream job is, I can tell them, “I already have it.” Sure, the grass might be greener somewhere else, and there are other cities that are more exciting, and I could probably make more money, blah…blah…blah… But to be honest, I love Ames. I love Iowa State University. And I love my office space downtown. I don’t need a big city or a bigger paycheck to work towards a goal. (Although, at times, I have thought about running off to Chicago…but come on, who hasn’t day dreamed about being in another world?)

This is me, at my dream job:

k.ray at the office

What does your dream job look like? Are you there?


Let me know your thoughts...

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