Brilliant & Crazy Wallpaper

This is one of my favorite quotes so I decided to add some fun to my desktop and create a wallpaper. Enjoy!

(Fitted to 2560×1440)


k.ray design handwriting font

Ever wondered, “man, I wish I could write like k.ray,”…? Well, now you can! I made my very own font from my handwriting using the template from PaintFont.com. Make your own or download mine for FREE!

k.ray design handwriting font

Download k.ray roman font

No Winter Lasts Forever

This winter has been brutal! Between the late snow and the negative degree temps, I’m ready to throw in the towel and move south. But, a cheaper option might be to prettify my phone with green leaves and sunshine! Here’s a new wallpaper for FREE! (Formatted for iPhone 5/5s)


Get Prettified Wallpapers

New wallpapers specifically for k.ray design followers! I want to prettify the world so I figured why not start with your phone? Download your fav color and tell everyone how pretty your phone is. (Formatted for iPhone 5/5S)

kraydesign-pretty-phone-orange kraydesign-pretty-phone-purple kraydesign-pretty-phone-green kraydesign-pretty-phone-blue

Autumn Wallpaper

Another fall wallpaper just for you! This one doesn’t have a calendar so you can keep it on your phone as long as you like. Get your phone prettified by k.ray! (sized for iPhone5/5s)



Desktop Wallpapers

HOWLive Tweets wallpaper Dreaming is Problem Solving

HOWLive Tweets 2560×1440 – Dreaming is Problem Solving 2560×1440

Splatter Creativity Purple Splash

Creative Splatter 2560×1440Purple Splash 2560×1440


Reaching 1280×1024


Extra Design Work

// Promotional Item //

Verizon Coasters

VZW CoasterThis was a project I worked on during my internship in Chicago. It was with a marketing firm and we needed to create a promotional item for the Verizon tour that coincided with the soccer tournament. I worked with the graphic designer there to come up with soccer coasters with the Verizon logo.

*Please be respectful and do not steal these original works of art. You wouldn’t steal it from a gallery so please do not steal it from a website.*