Answers to questions you’ve been dying to ask

What exactly do you do?

  • I work with clients to strengthen their current branding or come up with an amazing brand to increase visibility and consistency in their business/organization. If you’re not sure how to set up your business card, how to get a website started, what social media is, or just want a poster for your front window – I can help! I love meeting new people and designing unique materials. 

Is k.ray your full time job?

  • Currently, I have a regular 8-5pm. I work on k.ray design projects after work and on the weekends. I love the idea of working for myself but the reality is, I’m just not ready to make the leap. I enjoy having something to do after my day job. I like being able to pick the projects I want to work on and when I want to work, without having to worry about money for bills. 

How/why did you get started with k.ray design?

  • After many friends and family members asked me to create something simple for them, I decided to make this official and market to others that may need the same services. Back in 2009, I had a co-worker ask if I could design something for their organization and ever since then, I have been making things pretty. 
  • In 2013 I began to grow and decided my apartment living room was not big enough, so I rented an office space downtown Ames. (I was only there a year but by doing that, I started to reach my goals and have continued to grow in Kansas City!) I began my business because I wanted to do more fun things. I wanted to expand my skills and work with different people. I love my regular job, but its the same thing every day with the same clients. By owning my own business, I get to pick who I want to work with and what the projects look like. It is very exciting and I have loved it!

When do you sleep!?

  • Don’t worry! I take every Sunday and Monday off from k.ray design to unwind and every now and then, go swimming. I love design. I love creating. And I love discovering new things. Working at k.ray design after my regular job doesn’t feel like work to me. 

If I hire you to do my design work, is it going to take a really long time to get my project done?

  • Only if we run into issues. The nice thing about having my full time job is that I can say “no” to certain projects. I manage my time using different software and keep all my notes in an Action Book. When I have new clients, I schedule out the project and make sure everything is done on time. I only accept a few clients at a time so that I don’t overwhelm myself. If we are working together that means you are one of few that are on my schedule, and you will get the personal attention you need. 

How does the process work? How do we get a project started?

  • Drop me a note and let me know what you’re thinking. From there, we will set up a time to discuss your expectations, either face-to-face or via technology, and if all sounds ok, I will send out an estimate and get things started! Each client I meet receives a packet with all my information in it so you have something to refer to if you have questions after our initial conversation. 

Can we work together if I’m not located in the same city?

  • Absolutely! The beauty of my work is that it doesn’t require either of us to physically be in the same place. I have had people contact me from all over the United States. Projects are sent via PDF and communication can be done via email, Skype or the old fashioned phone.