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Looking Forward to 2015

Looking Forward to 2015

It has been a few months in Kansas City and the holidays are here! The city looks amazing! So many lights, events, and great people. Even though my commute is about 30-45 minutes, I couldn’t be happier with where I live.

Love My New City

I have enjoyed my time here exploring the city and seeing new things. I love how much is happening all the time! Its exciting and has definitely been keeping me busy. My new full time job has been so great. The people are so creative and knowledgable – I learn something new every day! I’ve been thinking about different ways to set up websites and am trying different tricks. 

Being in a new place, getting lost and finding my way again, feeling excited when I know where I am, and learning so many new things about web design has been so refreshing and exhilarating. This is exactly the change I needed. While I still miss my office space downtown Ames, I know this is the place for me. There’s life and movement and people pushing design standards all around me. The feeling here isn’t as rushed like when I lived in Chicago or as slow paced as Ames, but something perfectly in the middle. 

Looking Forward

Moving forward with k.ray design, I think I am going to scale back how many projects I do at a time. I want more time to play and enjoy the city. I have projects that I am working on finishing up for 2014 and then will be off for Christmas and New Years. After the new year, I will be accepting at most 1 new project per month. This means new projects – not maintenance or updates. 

When I was in Ames, I put a lot of my time and effort into building my business because one day, I wanted to work for myself. While that idea is still appealing to me, my priorities have shifted. I want to continue designing things for great people, but I also would like more time to try new things and have new experiences. Now that I am in a city that allows me to do that, I feel as though I need to take full advantage! 

I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a great year! I wish you all the best during this holiday season. Spend time with your family and friends and enjoy every minute of it. You’ve earned it.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

It has been a crazy long time since I’ve posted anything on my site…my apologies! I need to start scheduling time to get my posts done. I do have a lot in mind that I want to share with you, but that will be for another day.

A few updates

I will be moving into my office this weekend! k.ray design officially has a space in the world. I will have an office space downtown Ames with my name on the door and everything. I cannot tell you how exciting this is!

A few have asked about a grand opening party. I do think that will happen…just won’t be happening soon. November is always a busy month and then the holidays happen. I’m thinking February for a grand opening. Stay tuned for updates. (PS: Still keeping my day job but trying to expand my fun, creative side by taking on different types of projects)

Other things happening…I am working on growing my contacts. I have meet a lot of great people and hope to help them with design needs in the future. Until then, I’m going to work on my website, complete some personal design projects that I have been dying to do, and organize my new space!

For something fun

Since it is Halloween, I thought I would share my Halloween pic of the day. Since we didn’t have any kind of costume contest at work, I decided to wear an orange shirt with black pants, and borrow my friend’s Wolverine claws! Because why not…gotta have a little fun today, right?

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween! Don’t eat too much candy…all at once. No one likes a stomach ache.


k.ray design’s big move

k.ray design’s big move

I went shopping!

Spring is in the air and that means time for something new! I went shopping on Godaddy.com and purchased hosting and a new domain name. I don’t have anything against my old domain of kraydesign.wordpress.com but the ‘wordpress’ part wasn’t ideal and GoDaddy had a great deal on their .co domains. So, I grabbed kraydesign.co and transferred my site!

Reasons for the move:

  • My old site was a free WordPress hosted site and with that comes limited editing abilities. The one thing I never liked was the fact that on all of my pages, there was a spot to comment. I of course want that option on my posts, but not on my main navigation pages. 
  • With the limited editing abilities, the site did not allow me to put my own style on the theme. I wanted to create a theme that worked for me and that I could edit.
  • I absolutely love WordPress but wanted my own URL. With this site, the web address for my pages and posts will only be kraydesign.co…it will no longer include: wordpress.
  • I wanted something different. Having a .co website just seemed fun and exciting for my company!
  • A few articles that include more information to a .co domain:

With this change, I plan to update this site with more projects and freebies. I want to make sure k.ray design is presented the best way possible online and I feel as though with my new website, it will be.


New web address: kraydesign.co
 – Old address: kraydesign.wordpress.com
New email address: katie@kraydesign.co
Subscriptions: if you would like to continue your subscription to my blog, please enter your email under “Subscribe to this Blog” in the right sidebar

I will still keep the kray-design.com address active but it will redirect to kraydesign.co beginning mid-April. My email: katie@kray-design.com will also remain available but I will be replying with my new address. The kraydesign.wordpress.com website will remain live for a short while but will not be active. I plan to have everything fully switched by this fall.