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Looking Forward to 2015

Looking Forward to 2015

It has been a few months in Kansas City and the holidays are here! The city looks amazing! So many lights, events, and great people. Even though my commute is about 30-45 minutes, I couldn’t be happier with where I live.

Love My New City

I have enjoyed my time here exploring the city and seeing new things. I love how much is happening all the time! Its exciting and has definitely been keeping me busy. My new full time job has been so great. The people are so creative and knowledgable – I learn something new every day! I’ve been thinking about different ways to set up websites and am trying different tricks. 

Being in a new place, getting lost and finding my way again, feeling excited when I know where I am, and learning so many new things about web design has been so refreshing and exhilarating. This is exactly the change I needed. While I still miss my office space downtown Ames, I know this is the place for me. There’s life and movement and people pushing design standards all around me. The feeling here isn’t as rushed like when I lived in Chicago or as slow paced as Ames, but something perfectly in the middle. 

Looking Forward

Moving forward with k.ray design, I think I am going to scale back how many projects I do at a time. I want more time to play and enjoy the city. I have projects that I am working on finishing up for 2014 and then will be off for Christmas and New Years. After the new year, I will be accepting at most 1 new project per month. This means new projects – not maintenance or updates. 

When I was in Ames, I put a lot of my time and effort into building my business because one day, I wanted to work for myself. While that idea is still appealing to me, my priorities have shifted. I want to continue designing things for great people, but I also would like more time to try new things and have new experiences. Now that I am in a city that allows me to do that, I feel as though I need to take full advantage! 

I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a great year! I wish you all the best during this holiday season. Spend time with your family and friends and enjoy every minute of it. You’ve earned it.


New Year – One Month at a Time

New Year – One Month at a Time

New Year. New Thoughts. New Schedule. New Me.

It’s 2013 and people are all excited about their New Year’s Resolutions and reinventing themselves. Starting from scratch. Going back to the drawing board to better the end result.

Most have made the goal of weight loss, to be more organized, or to save more money. By this time in the year some are realizing how hard their resolution really is going to be and are second guessing their decision. Some have already thrown their resolution out the window because they already hate it and have failed. And some have actually kept right on track and continued to achieve their goal. Kudos to those that are still going.

You create your huge, lofty goals with hopes to achieve them by a certain time. Ambition is something everyone should have – it’s what makes the world go ’round. But, why do we make these huge, lofty goals at the beginning of every year when the majority is always disappointed in the end? How many people do you know that still remember their resolution in July and are still keeping to it? My guess is not many.

Resolutions are worthless.

This is why this year I refuse to make one. Sure, I would like to lose some weight, be more organized and save more money but I’m not going to hold myself to it. I like unhealthy foods, I know my bedroom will always be a disaster, and I know I spend money on ridiculous things. Why set myself up for failure?

Don’t worry, I still have goals.

I do have goals for 2013, though. I do want to accomplish something. I actually want to accomplish a lot of things but by no means are they going to be labeled ‘resolutions.’ I will share a few with you:

  • Swim at least 25 miles
    • It looks easy but its not – swimming 25 miles is NOT like running 25 miles, especially when you only have maybe an hour/day to go swim (DONE! Image from my Fitness Log with US Masters Swimming is below – edit: July 3, 2013)
    • My USMS Fitness Log
  • Donate more to Goodwill
  • Shop more at Goodwill
    • Every time I go I find fantastic things and always wonder why I’m not there more often
  • Purchase my car
    • Right now I’m leasing and I want to actually own (Purchased it June 13, 2013!)
  • Attend HOW Design Conference in San Francisco and go to the ‘bonus’ after hours events (Approved to attend! – edit: Jan. 22, 2013)
  • Go to the Lake of the Ozarks to do nothing
    • I usually only go for a long weekend but this year I want to go for a week (Took a whole week off from Aug. 28 – Sept. 4. Was able to spend the long weekend at the Lake and the rest of the time hanging with family)
  • Place an advertisement in the local newspaper for my freelance services
    • Or at least have some form of marketing done. I’d love to have more design work to do (Purchased hosting for my website and received a $50 Facebook credit. My first Facebook ad! – edit: March 12, 2013. I also have placed ads on Google Adwords – edit: July 3, 2013)

To some those may seem like easy goals, things I could accomplish in less than a year. Well, that might be true. If I do accomplish them before December 31, 2013 then yay for me! If not, I can say I at least had a goal in mind and was working towards something. But, those are long term goals. I want to focus on goals I can achieve and not be overwhelmed. I want to break the mold of resolutions and actually DO something.

Month by Month

When I look at the things I want to accomplish all at once, its intimidating and I end up shoving it away in my messy closet full of goals that are stored away in the back corner of my brain. Only for them to resurface every New Year when I realize I have accomplished none.

That is why this year, I will be making monthly goals…or milestones…call them what you like. That way I can check more off my list and feel a ton better about myself. I like to think that, in doing this, I will have a happier 2013. For example, this month I have a goal of not spending money on unnecessary things, only buying myself one fun thing, and swimming at least twice a week. I did have a goal of swimming at 6am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but lets be real here…I hate getting up early.

I am happy to say: so far so good! My one fun thing was some amazing gold shoes from the Lilly Pulitzer New Year Sale ($228 shoes for $74? Yes please!) and I have been swimming each week. Even made it at 6am twice! Here’s to hoping this keeps up. I love checking things off lists.

Stop being disappointed.

Stop making New Year’s Resolutions and being disappointed when you hate it in February. Someone told me that it’s ok to give up a passion project before its finished. It’s ok to give it up and move on to the next. Therefore, it’s ok to give up your resolution and go to another. If you hate it and probably won’t finish it, why punish yourself just for the sake of saying you accomplished a New Year’s Resolution? What fun is that?

no more resolutionsMake a goal. Make a smaller goal. Make an even smaller goal. Accomplish the smaller goal, which leads to you accomplishing that other small goal, which will lead to you accomplishing the actual goal. Don’t be overwhelmed with what you have to do in a year, month, week, or day. Focus on what you have in front of you.

They say the best advice is the advice you keep. Well, my friends, that has been the best advice I have received.

Hope you all have a wonderfully successful 2013!